Sharing a love of Science with the Guadalupe Boys & Girls Club

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Hello, my name is Chloe Pombo and I’m an Environmental Education Intern at the Dunes Center! I am a fourth year Environmental Science student at Southern New Hampshire University. I grew up with a strong passion for nature and a curiosity for how the earth worked. (more…)

Helping Young Learners Understand the Importance of Geology

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I am a third year Environmental Earth Science major at Cal Poly, where the pace is fast, competition is high, and there is hardly any time to stop and let your mind wander. It can turn school into a tiresome, life-consuming chore. As an Education Intern at the Dunes Center, however, I administer an afterschool program to Guadalupe students and get to see the impact creative science exploration has on them. (more…)

Dunes in Bloom: Deerweed

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deerweed banner


Common Name(s): Deerweed

Scientific Name: Acmispon glaber

Family: Fabaceae

Plant Type: shrub

Communities: Chaparral, Coastal Sage Scrub

Habitat: coastal, slopes

Size: Up to 4 ft wide, 3 ft tall (more…)

Students Explore Botanical Sciences in Dunes Center Programs

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Botany Program Banner

The Dunes Center provides free after school programming for students throughout our local area to provide them with an enriched after school experience. Our programs are administered by Cal Poly Interns who work to provide a fun, safe, and educational learning experience for our students. The focus of our programming this Spring has been Botany, which coincides with the sleuth of wildflowers blooming in the dunes and throughout the local area.


Dunes in Flight: the Barn Swallow

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Barn swallows banner

Common name: Barn swallow

Scientific name: Hirundo rustica

Family: Hirundinidae


Dunes in Bloom: Sticky Monkey Flower

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monkey flower banner

Common Name(s): Sticky Monkey Flower

Scientific Name: Mimulus aurantiacus

Family: Phyrmaceae

Plant Type: Branching shrub or small tree

Size: Up to 4’