A Visit to the Dunes Center

Approximate Length: 2 hours
$6 per student, $99 minimum

Take a field trip to the newly revamped Dunes Center!  During this interactive museum visit, participants discover our area’s rich cultural history, learn about plant and animal adaptations, and explore their creative side.

(Can accommodate up to 60 students)



Oso Flaco Lake Natural Area

Approximate Length: 4 hours
Grades: 1st-12th
$10 per student, $250 minimum
Approximate Length: 2.5 hours
Grades: 1st-12th
$7 per student, $150 minimum
Chaperone to Student ratio is recommended at 1:10.

Our field trip to Oso Flaco Lake incorporates engaging activities for students to enjoy while learning amongst local plants and animals. Each field trip is tailored to meet your classroom’s needs and is adapted for all grade levels to provide an unforgettable educational experience. (Can accommodate up to 60 students)

To reserve your trip contact Joey Nichols, Educational and Public Programs Coordinator at [email protected] or call 805-343-2455

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