July 6, 2014

Volunteer's Day: Say Goodbye to Kyleigh

Kyleigh 5

AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinator Kyleigh Rogers is rock-painting at the Dunes Center's volunteer meeting.


Some people work for the money. Some others work for the power and the fame.

Here at the Dunes Center, many people work hard for the preservation of nature without asking for anything in return.

To show thankfulness to these amazing individuals, the Dunes Center held a volunteer meeting with waffles, fruits, drinks and a little rock-painting game on Saturday, June 28.

For AmeriCorps volunteer coordinator Kyleigh Rogers, however, it was more than just a meeting. It was one of her last days with the Dunes Center.

Out of all the rocks painted, the most skillfully decorated ones were done by Kyleigh. She also brought waffle mix, chocolate chips and strawberries, and concocted Mimosa for the volunteers, many of whom had never tried the drink before.

In case you didn’t know, Mimosa is a cocktail-like drink composed of champagne and orange juice.

Besides, who could resist hot chocolate-chips waffles with syrup, whipped cream and strawberries on top?

We sincerely thank Kyleigh for all the hard work, dedication, and fantastic event-organizing and volunteer management skills. We wish her all the best in her future career and will always keep her in our memories and hearts.

Moreover, we hope our volunteers enjoyed the food, had fun chats and felt relaxed at the meeting. Once again, we would like to thank you all for your enthusiasm and hard work.

The Dunes Center family always welcomes new members and will strive to provide our volunteers with unforgettable and valuable experience.


Compiled by intern Tram Nguyen

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