Raiders of the Lost Sphinx – a “Tail” of Archaeological Proportion, Part 2

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Ten Commandments Buried Sphinx

In last week’s blog post, we talked about DeMille and his Lost City left behind in the dunes of Guadalupe.

This week, we are going to answering the jackpot question: Where are we now?

We last left off with the restoration of these awesome artifacts. But how do we do it?


Raiders of the Lost Sphinx – a “Tail” of Archaeological Proportion, Part 1

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One of the most popular exhibits at the Dunes Center showcases artifacts from Cecil B. DeMille’s original 1923 silent epic, The Ten Commandments. People from miles around come to see the amazing pieces left behind in the dunes after filming – but how did we get our paws on them in the first place?


5 Reasons Outdoor Education Rules!

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Coreopsis Hill-081 

Here at the Dunes Center, we love getting students outdoors – it provides them an opportunity to see firsthand all the ideas they are learning about in the classroom.

Students on field trips to Oso Flaco Lake experience spectacular habitats that make the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Complex one of the Central Coast’s beautiful treasures. Here are five reasons why we think it’s so important to learn outside:


Mary Buren Fourth Graders Visit the Dunes Center

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Last month, the Dunes Center had the pleasure of hosting all of Mary Buren Elementary’s 4th grade students.  They completed a scavenger hunt while exploring the Dunes Center’s exhibits that were unveiled last year.  Mary Buren 4th graders visit the Dunes Center every school year, and we always look forward to it!







New Education Program – Dunes Center Field Trip

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The Dunes Center offers a broad range of education programs, from geology taught at afterschool programs, school field trips at Oso Flaco Lake, and Mammals and Birds taught in classrooms.  This school year, we have an exciting new education program offering – a field trip to the Dunes Center.  The two-hour field trip incorporates the new exhibit content that was unveiled last August.  Students explore the Dunes Center at different stations, including one outside in our native Garden.  They take on roles of different professions, including botanists, zoologists, and poets, while asking critical questions and engaging deeply with the content.  We are proud to offer a new learning environment and content, and to welcome students to our museum here in Guadalupe.  We plan to update and expand the program based on student interest and exhibit content.

If you’re interested in booking a field trip to the Dunes Center, contact our Education Programs Coordinator at or give us a call at (805) 343-2455



Native Gardens are Ready for Spring

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My name is Gaby, and I’m the Volunteer Coordinator here at the Dunes Center.  I have a new-found interest in Botany thanks to my work here. The world of plants has always been a little intimidating with extensive scientific names, multiple plant functions, and established geological history, but after spending some time in the Dunes Center’s Native Garden and the Guadalupe Native Garden, I have found myself stopping to smell the roses more often…literally. Nowadays, it’s been easy for my peripheral vision to catch a brightly-colored flower.