Erikas photoL. Erika Weber

Executive Director

Erika is a lifelong resident of the Central Coast, a second generation Californian born in San Luis Obispo and raised in Santa Maria. After college, Erika returned to the Central Coast and began her career in sales and marketing as an Account Executive with the Santa Maria Times.

For the last 22 years, Erika worked in the non-profit world. During her years at VTC Enterprises, a local non-profit serving individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities, Erika's position allowed her to connect with the community, providing quality products and services to local businesses, while giving people with disabilities a chance for a for a productive and worthwhile life. Erika expanded her scope to meet the needs of the growing organization when she took on the management of marketing, fundraising and development for the organization. She increased market reach for the organization, raised over 1.7 million dollars in fundraising efforts and increasing their donor base significantly.

Erika has been involved with her local Chambers of Commerce for many years and serves on the Board of the Santa Maria Women’s Network. Erika is excited to continue the good work of the Dunes Center and to expand it's education, conservation and reach throughout the Central Coast.



Jenise PhotoJenise Coates

Education and Public Programs Coordinator

Jenise has lived on the Central Coast for over 20 years. In their youth, Jenise was a member of both Santa Maria and Guadalupe’s youth communities. While attending college, they discovered their love for cultural anthropology and archaeology and worked on several projects, and presented research at anthropological conferences. Jenise’s experience in education began when they worked for the Santa Barbara Education Office. Jenise worked with students with disabilities at all grade levels while also working in information systems. After discovering a love for education, Jenise decided to pursue a master’s degree in education to continue working on their own learning.

More recently, Jenise has served youth as a teacher in Los Angeles, Santa Ynez, and Santa Maria. Jenise is bringing a passion for anthropology, the community, and education to the Dunes Center in hopes of helping the education program flourish and serve more youth in the community.





Christina Hernandez

Community Outreach Coordinator

Christina was born in the Santa Maria Valley and has been a lifelong resident of Guadalupe. There passion for social equity began when they started working for Nonprofits and visually experiencing firsthand the disadvantages the rural community had. They now proudly holds 10 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations. They hold a deep passion to bring community members and organizations and establish equity for all. Christina has served as the Outreach Coordinator for 7 years. They manage all administrative tasks at the Dunes Center, among them, planning and organizing the logistics of the numerous community outreach programs the Dunes Center offers annually.



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