October 23, 2017

‘Ladies of Guadalupe’ Mural Adds Historic Dimension to Future Dunes Center Home

908-101417-Guadalupe-Mural3a-js-1000Some familiar faces with names representing Guadalupe’s long-time families now adorn the former Far Western Tavern building and future home of the Dunes Center, thanks to a new mural by a Santa Barbara photographer.

The “Ladies of Guadalupe” mural, installed Saturday by photographer Lindsey Ross, features portraits of women with roots in Guadalupe.

As Ross and William Presley from the Squire Foundation completed installing the final panel — featuring the remainder of Michelle Minetti-Smith’s face — applause broke out among the small audience gathered to watch them work.

“I’m so pleased with it,” Ross said. “I love how everything turned out.

“The whole community came out. Several of the women who were featured in the portraits came here, so I had a lot of support and enthusiasm from the community on this project. It was really fun.”

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