Annual Fund

Your tax-deductible donation will help to provide our community with a better future and every gift you give creates an opportunity for our community to experience:

Inspiring Educational Programs

Your donation helps to fund educational programming for around 8,000 students in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties every year! Those are thousands of young lives impacted via engaging, thoughtful, and innovative programs that are designed to spark curiosity about your natural areas. Your donation supports future scientists, artists, and environmental stewards!

A Connection to Our Natural World

Your support gives learners of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to appreciate the natural world around them. The Dunes Center’s community hikes and environmental stewardship opportunities connect your family and friends to the unique and beautiful ecosystems within the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes.

Preservation of Local Culture

Your contribution teaches your loved ones about their local culture and history. Preserving and sharing your community’s history is incredibly important – and that’s exactly what you get with the Dunes Center’s stunning exhibits. Donate today and help share local treasures with thousands more who visit the museum every year!

Nurturing a Vibrant Community

Donate to the Dunes Center and nurture your vibrant community while building bridges with visiting ones. You can help provide community-centric events that celebrate the Central Coast as a beautiful and dynamic place for generations to come!

Donate Today!

Our goal is to engage thousands of local children with nature education programming and provide meaningful experiences to learners of all ages.

Help inspire everyone to see the world and themselves differently by creating a deeper relationship with our local coastline. Contributing to programming and operations helps the Dunes Center ignite a passion for learning and a sense of wonder for local the world around us.

Recurring Gift Option

The Annual Fund is the primary source of funding for the Dunes Center. Therefore, your most impactful contribution is through a year-round recurring gift. You choose how often and how much you want to give – it’s a simple and secure way to make a huge impact in our community. Just check the box that indicates Show my support by making this a recurring donation on PayPal.



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