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Upon the Restoration Subcommittee's completion of the restoration plan, the Dunes Collaborative proposed a permanent endowment for the restoration of lost natural resources and recreational experiences. This proposal was approved in June 2003 ensuring the long-term enhancement and enjoyment of the dunes. The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation holds the endowment, the Restoration Subcommittee manages the trust and ensures consistency with the settlement agreement, and the Dunes Collaborative identifies the restoration, recreational, and educational needs of the dunes for the Restoration Subcommittee's review.

The endowment funding stream is interest from the trust account and is allocated on a 2/3 - 1/3 basis to restoration and visitor service/recreation projects respectively. On an annual basis individual projects are reviewed with the total amount of the projects not exceeding the interest earned on the account. Additionally, each member of the Dunes Collaborative works to secure additional funds to enhance those already allocated to the endowment.
Additional Funders

California Coastal Conservancy

The Coastal Conservancy acts with others to preserve, protect and restore the resources of the California Coast. Our vision is of a beautiful, restored and accessible coastline. For more information about the California Coastal Conservancy, visit their website at http://scc.ca.gov

California Department of Fish and Game—Office of Spill Prevention and Response

The mission of Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) is to provide best achievable protection of California's natural resources by preventing, preparing for, and responding to spills of oil and other deleterious materials, and through restoring and enhancing affected resources.

For more information about  Department of Fish and Game —Office of Spill Prevention and Response, visit their website at http://www.dfg.ca.gov/ospr/

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