pickleweedCommon name(s): Pickleweed, Turtleweed, Glasswort, Sea Asparagus

Family: Chenopodiaceae- Goosefoot Family

Species: Salicornia virginica

Commonly found: Marshes and Wetlands

Size: 10-40 inches tall

Origin: Native

Description: Pickleweed is a very common, somewhat shrubby, succulent, perennial plant that is usually a grey-green color. The flowers are small, and often recessed into the stem away from sight. Pickleweed is edible, and the Chumash and Tongva-Gabrielino people historically used the stems for seasoning and as a vegetable. In the summer, pickleweed is harvested for its tender green tips, which are used fresh in salads, steamed to serve as a vegetable, or pickled.



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