DudleyaCommon name(s): Coast Dudleya

Family: Crassulaceae - Stonecrop family

Species: Dudleya caespitosa

Commonly found: Stabilized dunes

Size: 3-8in

Origin: Native

Description: Coast Dudleya is a succulent plant that is endemic to California, where it grows along the coastline from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It begins as a rosette that can grow in solitary but most often grows in clusters. The leaves are fleshy, pale green, and cone-shaped to oblong. The stem is a caudex, meaning "tree trunk" in Latin, which grows up to about 20cm in height before branching into the flower cluster. Its color is variable, from green to red and yellow shades. At the top is a tall flower cluster that may hold 10-15 flowers on each branch. The flowers are bright yellow with pointed petals


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