May 20, 2014

Spring Field Trips In the Dunes

Jules Leading Students 201405Spring has been packed with field trips to Oso Flaco Lake. On these field trips, students explore various habitats; from plants in the riparian causeway, to unique birds on the lake, and even life on the beach. For many of the students on these trips, it’s their first time visiting the beach. It has been a thrilling learning experience for all that are involved, including students, chaperones, and docents.

Our field trip program is a huge success in thanks to our compassionate docents. Peter and Debra, new docents, constantly update the Dunes Center staff with heartwarming stories about the students on these trips. When learning about the origin of the name, “Oso Flaco Lake,” one student responded, “if the bear had not eaten the hemlock filled fish, the lake would be named ‘Oso Godito!’” As Debra and I chuckled over the story, it was amazing to realize how students process and analyze this information. Not only are they learning about the history and biology of the local area, but they are also encouraged to use their critical thinking skills to reflect on the information.

The student’s enthusiasm for learning and exploring is what keeps our organization motivated. By feeding their curiosity at such a young age, we are encouraging them to value education and science.  It is a truly special experience to be a part of. You can also be involved in the creation of these bright futures. Just get out there and volunteer!


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