January 10, 2014

Intern Program Provides Important Experiences for College Students

interns2014 700x300It is incredible to see how our intern program has grown. Since its establishment, the focus of the intern program was to introduce local college students to the importance of environment education of young students and provide skills that will make them stronger members of the professional community. Past intern and kindergarten teacher at Oceano Elementary, Sarah Macie agrees that her time at the Dunes Center encouraged her to become a teacher and teach about the local dunes to her students. Mariah Gonzalez of Berkeley, CA says that she learn invaluable lessons while teaching in Guadalupe. “I really appreciate that the Dunes Center engages young people (college students) with the students of Guadalupe and the issues they face.”

Over thirty interns later, the Dunes Center has enhanced the professional development of those interns and continues to grow. We currently have 6 interns per quarter who teach science and creative writing in our local classrooms. They also participate in events and fundraisers, which increase their professional skills and networking abilities.

These bright and promising interns are highly depended on in our organization. Their work with our local students is the heart of this organization. We hope to continue to involve our interns in all of the Dunes Center’s programs and strengthen the skills of our future professionals.

Pictured above is a few of our hard working interns this quarter. From left to right, Rebecca Miller, Melissa Sullivan, William Meyst and Nestor Espinoza.


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