Wild Blackberry IconCommon name(s): Wild Blackberry, Pacific Blackberry, California Blackberry

Family: Rosaceae- Rose Family

Species: Rubus ursinus

Commonly found: Grows in moist places such as stream banks or canyons, often as part of woodland understory.

Size: 2 to 6 feet tall, up to 6 feet wide.

Origin: Native. Pacific Blackberry is native to a large part of western North America from Baja to Canada and from the coast to the Rocky Mountains.


Description: Pacific Blackberry is a wide, spreading shrub or vine-bearing bush with prickly branches, white flowers and edible fruits. This species is one of the original parents of the hybrids Loganberry and Boysenberry. The sweet-tart fruits are dark purple to black and up to 2 centimeters in length. The plant is a vigorous spreader that needs cool temperatures and high amounts of moisture to set large fruit. For this reason fruit production and flavor is generally inferior in the southernmost part of it range. Growing Pacific Blackberry requires some thought and care because its numerous prickles can make harvesting the fruits, weeding, pruning and other maintenance activities unpleasant. The Pacific Blackberry is attractive to a variety of wildlife, from butterflies to bears.


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