IMG_8180Common name(s): Narrow-leaved Ice Plant, Marigold Ice Plant, False Ice Plant

Family: Aizoaceae - Stone Plant Family

Species: Conicosia pugioniformis

Commonly found: Behind foredunes

Size: Up to 1ft tall

Origin: Invasive. Originated in South Africa.

Description: This ice plant is a short-lived perennial which produces above-ground shoots annually. The leaves are clumped at the base of the stem. The leaves are linear and triangular in cross-section. It is found on dunes, beaches, scrub, and grassland along the central coast of California. It does not form in mats like other invasive ice plants, so its impacts are less severe. Slender-leaved Ice Plant reproduces by seed, and buried root crowns can resprout after aboveground plant matter has been removed.



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