Magenta Sand Verbena

Common name(s): Magenta Sand Verbena, Beach Sand Verbena

Family: Nyctaginaceae- Four-O'Clock Family

Species: Abronia umbellata

Commonly found: Found in upper beach and dune habitats, and adjacent sandy disturbed areas. Mostly below 1200ft.

Size: Leaves grow up to 2.5" long and 2" wide. Flowers are about 0.5" long.

Origin: Native. Beach sand verbena is found along the West Coast from Puget Sound, Washington to Baja California.

Description: Beach Sand Verbena may be smooth or covered with sticky hairs and often has sand grains stuck to it. The main stems sprawl along the ground for a meter or more, occasionally buried in sand. There are usually 10 – 30 flowers per cluster originating from a single point; all flowers open at the same time. Beach sand verbena was the first California plant described by science. Seeds were collected from Monterrey in 1786 by the French Compt de La Perouse expedition.

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