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Common name(s): Jubata Grass, Pink Pampas Grass, Andean Pampas Grass

Family: Poaceae - Perrenial Grasses

Species: Cortaderia jubata

Commonly found: Dunes, bluffs, and disturbed areas

Size: Can grow up to 22 feet tall

Origin: Invasive. Cortaderia jubata is native to the northern Andes Mountains and was brought to California for decorative purposes. The grass is a quick-spreading weed and its impact has been deemed harmful to native species.

Description: Jubata grass is often taller than its more widespread relative, Pampas grass. The flower plumes of this plant can be found in a variety of shades of purple, pink, or white.

The species of Jubata grass only consists of grasses with pistillate parts, meaning that each individual of the species is female. Cortaderia jubata is reproduced without fertilization, and each new plant is a genetic clone of its parent plant.

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