Indian Paintbrush


Common name(s): Indian paintbrush, Coast Indian paintbrush, Dunes paintbrush

Family: Scrophulariaceae - Figwort family

Species: Castilleja affinis ssp. affinis

Commonly found: Stabilized dunes

Size: 2 ft tall. Leaves are 1.5-3in long


Origin: Native to California, also found elsewhere in western North America.

Description: Indian paintbrush is a species native to western North America, where it grows on hills and mountain slopes along the coast and inland. It primarily resides in California, occurring only slightly beyond California borders. The vibrantly colored bracts around the flowers range from salmon to yellow, and the flowers themselves are yellowish-green. The plant is a hemiparasite, meaning that it derives some of its energy and nutrients from a host plant while remaining able to photosynthesize.


Indian Paintbrush


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