Crisp Dune Mint

Common name(s): Crisp Dune Mint, Wavyleaf Dune Mint

Family: Lamiaceae - Mint family

Species: Monardella crispa

Commonly found: Unstabilized dunes

Size: The flower heads are 1 inch to 1 1/4 inches wide.

Origin: Native to the coastal dunes of southern San Luis Obispo county and northern Santa Barbara county.

Description: The dune mint is a low mounding perennial. It typically has several stems which are densely covered with white hairs. The leaves are in clusters at the nodes, are lance-shaped to oblong, and are "crisped" on the margins. The pink or purple petals flower between March and October. Its distinctly minty scent can be detected from feet away. Dune mint is a rare species.

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