California BulrushCommon name(s): California Bulrush, California Tule

Family: Cyperaceae- Sedge Family

Species: Schoenoplectus californicus

Commonly found: Shallow freshwater or brackish marsh on the margin of lakes or ponds, estuaries, large springs or seeps, and in drainage ditches.

Size: 6 to 12 feet tall

Origin: Native. California Bulrush or California Tule is a native perennial that grows in northern, southern, and central California. It is also found in Oreogn and across the southern states to Florida.

Description: California Bulrush tolerates standing water several feet deep where it creates sometimes massive clusters. It occurs at elevations from sea level to 4,000 feet, and is often found near the coast. It is an aggressive spreader and will quickly occupy all suitable area. This is an important species to many wetland-marsh species. The dense, upright foliage of California Bulrish provides food, shelter, and nesting habitats for birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphiians, making this vegetation one of the most productive wildlfie habitats in California. The Chumash harvested the young shoots of the plant for food and used the stems and leaves for dwelling construction. The Tule is most prominently known for their use in Tule Reed boats.

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