December 31, 2015

Dunes in Flight: Recent Sightings at Oso Flaco Lake

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On December 12th, avid birder John Deacon led a walk through Oso Flaco Lake in search of migrating bird species. Since then, the birds that we saw that day may have left and other species may have arrived. Either way, here is a list of what we saw on December 12th:

Prairie falcon

White-tailed kite

Northern harrier

Double-crested cormorant

Fox sparrow

Ruby crowned kinglet

Song sparrow

Black phoebe

Nuttall's woodpecker

Yellow rumped warbler

Bewick's wren

Spotted towhee

Hermit thrush

Black crowned night heron

American coot


Pied billed grebe

Wilson's warbler

Townsend's warbler

Marsh wren


Great egret

Ruddy duck

Common loon

Green winged teal

Western grebe

Northern swallow


Turkey vulture

Virginia rail

Great blue heron

White pelican

Ring billed gull


House finch

Surf scoter


Western gull

Green heron


Red tailed hawk


Please keep in mind that there are many habitats throughout the Oso Flaco Lake natural area, which makes it such a good place to search for birds.

Have you seen anything interesting in the dunes lately? Let us know in the comments section below!

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