This year's Trees of the Season is proving to be the best year yet. Trees and Wreaths are loaded with beautiful ornaments as well as wonderful goodies underneath.

You can purchase tickets online or at the Dunes Center for $1.00 each. Come by during business hours to get a closer look!

2014 Trees of the Season

IMG_3115Christmas Buzz

The Christmas Buzz tree comes with a selection of red and white wines, free wine tastings, and a beautifully decorated tree adorned with purple-hued ornaments to honor the almighty grape.

Sponsored by: Mike Multuri and Denise Fourie, Foxen Vineyards, San Marcos Creek Vineyard, Martian Winery, Cottonwood Canyon Vineyard and Winery, Saucelito Canyon Vineyard and Winery, and Kenneth Volk Vineyards


IMG_3122A Hand-Made Christmas

A Hand-Made Christmas comes with a brand new sewing machine and a gift basket filled with sewing accessories and goodies. The tree is decorated with green, red, and white ornaments and comes with a icy wreath.

Donated by: The Sewing Machine Superstore, and Michael and Ellen Hudacheck


IMG_3124Christmas in the Village

Create a village in your home for the holidays with this Christmas Village Set. The tree is decorated with red and gold ornaments - perfect for setting the holiday mood!

Donated by: Altrusa International Santa Maria


IMG_3126Hoppy Christmas

The Hoppy Christmas Tree comes with six-packs of locally brewed beer, accessories, and several pint glasses. The tree is decorated in gold and frothy white cotton to resemble a freshly poured ale.

Sponsored by: John and Rene Deacon


IMG_3129To a Bright Future for Guadalupe

This outdoor tree comes with several goodies that will keep you in the holiday spirit long after the end of the season.

Sponsored by: Mayor Frances Romero and Dean Romero



IMG_3130Pop the Bubbly

The Pop the Bubbly Tree is decorated in white and gold that mirror the joy you'll feel when you pop open one of many champaigne bottles that comes with winning this tree!

Sponsored by: Jules Reuter


IMG_3133Santa's Sweet Treat

This tree is any sweet tooth's prized treasure this year at Trees of the Season; the tree is decorated in candy themed ornaments and boasts an impressive amount of cookies, chocolates, and candies to be eaten.

Donated by: Dr. Randy Johnson, M.D.


IMG_3136Santa's Workshop

Express delivered from the North Pole, this tree will light up any child's face. The tree is decorated with toy-themed ornaments, some of them toys themselves, and comes with some impressive kits that will entertain, inspire, and educate all at once.

Sponsored by: Christina Bird-Holenda and the Karamitsos Family


IMG_3137A Local Christmas

This tree is decorated with beautiful red, green, and gold ornaments and sports a plethora of donated goods from local businesses that have wasted no time getting in the holiday spirit.

Donated by: Miner's Hardware, Robbins Family Farms, Marie Callendars, Ventana Grille, The Luffa Farm, Sub Sea Tours, and Creekside Brewing Co.


IMG_3140Nature's Elves

This beautifully decorated tree sports crimson colored ornaments and has $150 in giftcards hidden amongst its branches.

Donated by: John and Rene Deacon


IMG_3142Button Up for Christmas

Handcrafted for Trees of the Season, this prize includes $60 in giftcards and reminds us that the weather outside is frightful (But the prizes are so delightful)!

Donated by: Carey Caulfield and Stephanie Krouse


IMG_3144Holiday Critters

This nature themed tree is beautifully adorned with viridian colored ornaments. The base is surrounded by a wreath of needles, cones, and berries making this tree a viable center-piece in any home.

Donated by: John and Rene Deacon


IMG_3145Season's Grillings

The grillmaster's delight, this tree is loaded with goodies and accessories for any outdoor cooksman (or cookswoman), including a full stand-alone Weber grill. Even the ornaments decorating this tree are straight off the grill!

Sponsored by: Old Village Grill


IMG_3148Get Your Sparkle On

This white tree reminds us of the purest sparkle in the driven snow. The branches are adorned with snowy birds and sparkling accessories that will add flare to any holiday décor.

Donated by: The Guadalupe Cultural Arts and Education Center


IMG_3150A Dunes Center Christmas

This tree lights up with built-in fluorescent lights, and is adorned by the hand-drawn and hand-painted creations of students in the Dunes Center's Creative Arts Afterschool Program, as well as adorable local wildlife hand-puppets from Folkmanis.

Donated by: Students of the Dunes Center Programs


IMG_3152Movies Filmed in the Dunes

This Hollywood themed tree bears poster art from some of the Dunes greatest co-stars, including Cecil B. DeMille's world famous "The Ten Commandments."

Donated by: Diane and Vince Tortolano



2014 Wreaths of the Season


IMG_3154Christmas Woodland

This woodland themed wreath is adorned with birds, cones, and berries that will bring a natural aura to your holidays.

Sponsored by: Clarence Rusconi


IMG_3156Purfect Christmas

For any cat-lover, this wreath is sure to capture feline enthusiasts attention. It even has paw stockings for your cats (as if they weren't spoiled enough already)!

Donated by: Crystal Christiansen


IMG_3158Christmas with the Dunites

This wreath is reminiscant of a time when creativity, existensionalism, and conservation awareness ran wild amongst the Dunites. Includes the coveted "The Face of the Clam" book written by the collective Dunites.

Donated by: Friends of the Guadalupe Library


IMG_3160A Rosie Christmas

This beautiful wreath is adorned with roses and messages of season's greetings and joy. A perfect addition to your holiday décor.

Donated by: Merrill Lyn


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