Field Trips


A Visit to the Dunes Center

Approximate Length: 2 hours
Cost: $85 (up to 60 students) or $165 (61-105 students)

Take a field trip to the newly revamped Dunes Center!  A museum visit will allow students to explore the unique coastal dune system through newly installed exhibits and participation in a scavenger hunt.

Oso Flaco Lake Natural Area

Approximate Length: 4 hours
Grades: K-12th
Cost:$165 (up to 60 students) or $275 (61-105 students) (Requires two staff members)
Accommodate a maximum of 105 students per day. Chaperones and Teachers are free. Chaperone to Student ratio is recommended at 1:10.

We offer an interactive field trip to Oso Flaco Lake that incorporates our educational modules . In addition, we can tailor field-based programs to meet your classroom or curriculum needs. We offer two types of field-based programs: 1) a beginners docent led walk with activities that introduce the diversity of wildlife, plants, and habitats we have in the dunes, and 2) an advanced inquiry-based hike that covers the basic habitat and reinforces natural science concepts, vocabulary and provides challenging data collection activities (recommended for Grades 5th-9th).
Please note that this field trip can only accommodate a maximum of 105 students per day.

Schoolyard Biodiversity

Approximate Length: 4 hours
Grades: 5th-12th
Cost: $165 (up to 60 students) or $275 (61-105 students) (Requires two staff members)
The purpose of The Dunes Center Remote Sensing and Biodiversity Monitoring Unit is to teach students the methods of biodiversity monitoring while at the same time challenge students to use these skills in the field to help them understand how important species diversity is to a healthy habitat and ecosystem.

This is done through the following activities:

  1. An exploration of the complexities of biodiversity monitoring using vocabulary such as relative abundance, species abundance, and invasive/endemic species.
  2. A field study of Oso Flaco Lake using the scientific method to investigate the effects invasive species has on the dunes ecosystem.

Schoolyard Biodiversity Monitoring (Expanded Program)

Approximate Length: 5 hours (1 hour class period and one 4 hour field study at Oso Flaco Lake)
Grades: 5th – 12th Cost: $290 per classroom (up to 35 students)

Intro to Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment in the class and Dunes Biodiversity Monitoring Field Study and Discussion at Oso Flaco Lake.