Dunes in Bloom: Lilac Verbena

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For the month of November, our chosen plant of the month is Lilac Verbena. Lilac Verbena is an evergreen shrub with deeply divided green leaves and almost nonstop light purple flower heads that float 8 inches above the foliage. (more…)

Habitat Restoration Project at Rancho Guadalupe beach

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Ice plant is headstrong. Not only does it spread fast and cover a considerable amount of land surface, it also grows deep into the ground. By no means can ice plant be eradicated. But if one ever attempts to remove an ice plant into a trash bag after digging up most of its root, it’s very likely that he or she will just have to drag the plant instead of lifting it up and putting it into the bag. Because really, ice plant is insanely heavy.


Dunes in Bloom: Sticky Monkey Flower

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Sticky Monkey Flower blog 700x300For the month of September, our chosen plant of the month is Sticky Monkey Flower, now known scientifically as Diplacus aurantiacus.  Sticky Monkey Flower is a common shrub that can be found all over California.


Guadalupe Native Garden Grand Opening

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The Grand Opening of Guadalupe’s Native Garden was a huge success.

On Saturday, August 2, Board member and Mayor of Guadalupe Frances Romero cut the ribbon to officially open the garden to the public. The event included a native garden scavenger hunt and educational, interactive exhibits throughout the garden.


Dunes in Bloom: California Buckwheat

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DSC06614 700x300Come visit the Guadalupe Native Garden to see this month’s Dunes in Bloom, California Buckwheat (Eriogonum fasciculatum) a member of the Buckwheat Family,Polygonaceae.

Buckwheat is a shrub of various sizes (more…)

Dunes Center’s education program

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Fourteen children grade three to five sat in groups of three or four in a bright, white classroom whose double door’s glass overlooked a beautiful yard. It was a special day for them, not only because the weather was perfect for outdoor activities, but also because it was the last day they got to see their lovely teacher Emily Schriver.