Dunes in Bloom: Silver Dune Lupine

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silver dune lupine banner

Common Name(s): Silver Dune Lupine

Scientific Name: Lupinus chamissonis

Family: Fabaceae – the Pea family

Plant Type: perennial shrub

Size: up to 6 feet fall (more…)

Dunes in Flight: Recent Sightings at Oso Flaco Lake

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Dunes in Flight December Banner

On December 12th, avid birder John Deacon led a walk through Oso Flaco Lake in search of migrating bird species. Since then, the birds that we saw that day may have left and other species may have arrived. Either way, here is a list of what we saw on December 12th: (more…)

Dunes in Bloom: Monterey Pine

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MontereyPine at Rancho Marino Reserve

For the month of December, our chosen plant of the month is Monterey pine. The Monterey Pine’s (Pinus radiata) leaves are evergreen needles; 4 to 6 inches long and grouped in bundles of 3. They’re slender and shiny green. The bark is thick and grey or dark reddish brown color. It grows pine-cones which are usually 3-5 inches long. Its sapwood color is a pale yellow.


Mussel Point and Paradise Beach: Quintessential California Coastline

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Mussel Point Visit Banner

By Will Meyst, Education Coordinator for the Dunes Center

On July 4th, our nation’s 239th birthday, my self and a small group of Dunes Center volunteers ventured south from Rancho Guadalupe Dunes Preserve with two goals in mind: 1) reach Mussel Point to view the spectacular geologic formations, and 2) reach Paradise Beach (which I might add is very aptly named) to eat lunch. (more…)

Dunes in Bloom: Western Yarrow

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western yarrow 700x300

This month we are spotlighting Western Yarrow, Achillea millefolium a member of the Sunflower Family. (more…)

Guadalupe Students visit The Santa Barbara Botanical Garden

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The Santa Barbara Botanical Garden is a living museum that contains gardens of several plant communities found in California. For more information about this amazing botanic garden you can visit their website here (the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden). Students participating in the Dunes Center’s Afterschool Botany program had the opportunity yo pay the garden a visit. Our group first made its way through the Manzanita Section which was full of fire resistant manzanita species. After a brief relaxing lunch in the nearby Home Demonstration Garden area, our group headed north into the Meadow Section. Here, students learned the important roles that meadows play in storing and filtering water from snow melt. They also learned that meadows host a diverse range of plant and flower species that attract reptiles, birds, and mammals. (more…)