Dunes in Bloom: Toyon

i Dec 11th l No Comments 3 by Dunes Center

Toyon 700_ 260 201312Each month the Dunes Center highlights a blooming plant in our native garden. This month Heteromeles arbutifolia (known as Toyon or Christmas berry) is blooming in our garden. In late fall and winter, it is covered with pea-sized bright red berries, or pomes, that birds enjoy. (more…)

Are You Smarter Than a Dunes Center Student?

i Dec 3rd l No Comments 3 by Dunes Center

DSC_0864 croped 700 300Students in the Dunes Center’s after school program have been learning all about rocks. They have been expanding their science knowledge and applying it to our local natural areas. (more…)

New Pathway at the Guadalupe Native Plant Garden

i Nov 22nd l No Comments 3 by Dunes Center

Garden 700x260When coming to the Dunes Center you might be pleasantly surprised to know we have a native plant garden in the heart of Guadalupe! Located on 7th Street and Campodonico Ave, the garden is home to many beautiful native plants and the insects, spiders and butterflies that call the coastal ecosystem home. (more…)

Arthropods Explored!

i Aug 22nd l No Comments 3 by Dunes Center

The Dunes Center is “buzzing” with excitement for the new summer program about Arthropods. Arthropods are all those lovely animals with exoskeletons and joint appendages that we depend on so much to keep our ecosystem healthy and prosperous. This summer students in our programs are learning about bees, butterflies, ants, spiders and even dung beetles to truly understand their importance to our local ecosystems. (more…)