Dunes in Bloom: Monterey Pine

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This month, the Native Garden is celebrating a bloom you might not normally notice. Our young Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata) is only 3 years old and is nearly 4 feet tall. Monterey Pines on the central coast are home to many different species including the Monarch butterfly.

The Monterey Pine’s leaves are evergreen needles; 4 to 6 inches long and grouped in bundles of 3. They’re slender and shiny green. The bark is thick and grey or dark reddish brown color. (more…)

A Successful Trees of the Season

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DSC_1008On the night of December 6th, friends and families filled the Dunes Center for Trees of the Season, an end of the year event to raise funds for the following year’s nature education programs. Generous supporters sponsored twenty four beautifully decorated trees and wreaths, accompanied with presents donated by businesses from around the Central Coast. Guests enjoyed bacon wrapped shrimp, taquitos, and other delicious treats that were donated by local restaurants. (more…)

Dunes in Bloom: Toyon

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Toyon 700_ 260 201312Each month the Dunes Center highlights a blooming plant in our native garden. This month Heteromeles arbutifolia (known as Toyon or Christmas berry) is blooming in our garden. In late fall and winter, it is covered with pea-sized bright red berries, or pomes, that birds enjoy. (more…)

Are You Smarter Than a Dunes Center Student?

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DSC_0864 croped 700 300Students in the Dunes Center’s after school program have been learning all about rocks. They have been expanding their science knowledge and applying it to our local natural areas. (more…)

New Pathway at the Guadalupe Native Plant Garden

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Garden 700x260When coming to the Dunes Center you might be pleasantly surprised to know we have a native plant garden in the heart of Guadalupe! Located on 7th Street and Campodonico Ave, the garden is home to many beautiful native plants and the insects, spiders and butterflies that call the coastal ecosystem home. (more…)

Make a Difference Day at the Dunes Center

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DC with freshly painted fence700x260

On Saturday, October 26th, people rose around the nation with the intention to make positive changes in local communities. On this national day of service, Make a Difference Day, the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Center hosted twenty volunteers who set out to give the natural history museum a fresh face. (more…)